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Business Lunch - NAMMOS - NAMMOS Restaurant in Herzliya Marina

Business Lunch - NAMMOS - NAMMOS Restaurant in Herzliya Marina

Served between 12.00 - 17:00,
Except holidays and weekendsThe Business Lunch includes
Miso soup / Miso soup with soba noodles
or :
2 tapas dishes.
Main course & drink.
( House wine or draught beer or soft drink)
* All the desserts Surcharge 30 N.I.SAside from the business lunch, there is
a 15% discount on all dishes in the regular
menu, including the sushi menu.All the desserts Surcharge 38 N.I.S


Root vegetable Salad
Green Papaya salad
Lettuce leaves & yuzu vinaigrette
Nammos salad
Baked cauliflower & tofu cream
Piri Goma Eggplant
Sashimi salmon
New style sashimi salmon
Popcorn shrimp
White cod tempura
Squid tentacles & tofu cream
Calamari Piri Piri
* “Frena” bread * Sourdough bread with flax & nuts
Surcharge 13 N.I.S
upgrading the white wine 30 N.I.S, Rose’ & red wine 35 N.I.S

Business Lunch Maine Courses

Batayaki Seafood mix
165 ₪
Shrimp, calamari, scallops, vongole, mussels
& blue crab in soy - batayaki sauce.
Chili shrimp
118 ₪
Black tiger shrimp, chili, garlic, saka, scallions, tomatoes & a touch of butter.
Black cod marinated in miso
198 ₪
Bock-Choi, steamed vegetables & steamed rice
Salmon Fillet in miso sauce
118 ₪
Brussels sprouts & reduced ponzu.
Sea Bass Teppanyaki
140 ₪
Seared european sea bass fillet, jerusalem artichoke, baby zucchini, peppers, sweet potato and broccoli.
Sea Bream Teppanyaki
128 ₪
Seared sea bream fillet, served with steamed rice, broccoli, baby zucchini & tepanyaki sauce
Fish & Togarashi french fries
128 ₪
Sea bream fillet in tempura & togarashi french fries served with arugula japanese mayo.
Suzuki Yaki
140 ₪
Baked whole sea bass served with green salad
Lobster & Shrimp dumplings, 10 pcs.
148 ₪
Seared dumplings,served with sesame soy sauce
& spicy miso sauce.
Grouper & truffles dumplings, 10 pcs.
148 ₪
Seared dumplings,served with sesame
soy sauce & spicy miso sauce.
Noodles & Vegetables
98 ₪
Broccoli, carrots, celery, cabbage & tomato.
Seafood Noodles
130 ₪
Shrimp, calamari, Vongoli & mussels with
chery tomatoes, garlic & wine.
Ika Sumi Noodles (Black Noodles)
148 ₪
Black noodles, lobster, shrimp, vongole, calamari, squid tentacles in saka batayaki sauce.
Grilled Beef Fillet
188 ₪
Served with wasabi puree’ and beef stock dashi sauce.
** Extra Foie Gras on top
50gr. ₪49
100gr. ₪98
Beef Fillet Teppanyaki (Served medium)
188 ₪
Seared beef fillet, sliced when ready, served
with steamed rice, japanese marinade, scallions & iceberg
“Yakuza” Burger
135 ₪
Our burger with foie gras, home made teriyaki, wasabi cream, on a steamed bun. served with togarashe fries or green salad.